Porsche Classic

„I wanted to build cars that were not something to everyone, but meant everything to some.“  Ferry Porsche

At Porsche, we know that a car is a value in its own right. The fact that almost 70% of all Porsche vehicles built over the years are still in use proves this. We will make sure they stay that way and grow in value over time.

Porsche classics are welcome to the traditional Roud Tour, which this year starts from the picturesque Viljandi. We will park the cars at Viljandi's Vabaduse plats and gather for a morning coffee and light meal on the terrace of Schloss Fellin. Then we will gather again by the cars for a group photo, meet the townsfolk, and begin the journey to the Porsche Ring in Audru.

This year's Classic Road Tour is even more special than before, as at the same time there will be rehearsals for the spiritual song festival "Rõõm Üle Maa" at the Viljandi Song Festival Grounds (the stage and Freedom Square are located close to each other). The song festival will bring 101 choirs and a couple thousand singers to the area.

The Porsche Festival at the Porsche Ring brings together everyone who shares the dream of owning a Porsche – from old classics to top-of-the-line racing and sports cars.

Participants will experience an exciting TAYCAN race, where our best motorsport athletes will compete. Additionally, there will be fascinating workshops, food and drink areas, virtual racing and slalom tracks, Time Trial, Open Track sessions, and much more. A DJ will maintain a pleasant festival atmosphere. Those interested can also take their own car on the track.

The day will end with a lively garden party in the courtyard of Hotel Wasa, where the new all-electric Porsche Macan will be showcased for the first time in Estonia.

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The Porsche Festival is intended for Porsche owners only. Pre-registration is required.

Porsche Assistance: +372 600 0911